Tilly Errington

Part of an online Group Exhibition https://11dimensions.cargo.site

‘Daily Exercise Reflections’

‘What Photography Is?’ Initially what came to my mind was light. When I went on a daily walk I was fascinated by the perfect reflection upon the water. The reflections upon the still water surface, drew an almost complete line of symmetry so perfect it could have been mistaken for a photograph. Even though now the objects and structures had become two dimensional through the reflection, there was still a sense that it was alive and you could reach out and touch it as if it was three dimensional.

As a photographer I wanted to be able to capture these moments to demonstrate to an audience that there is more to photography than simply pressing the shutter on a camera, it can actually be anything if we put our mind to it, just like a reflection. As they allow us the ability to capture the image of something through its own reflection. 

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