Tilly Errington

An ongoing continuous project that explores my Grandad's lavish lifestyle, including his adventures and explorations, created by including images from past and present, combining both the different lifestyle's he has lived. A collection of found imagery from family archives that my Grandads has captured and photographs I have taken myself."

 My Grandad was born in Stoke on Trent 7th July 1944 a month after the D-Day landings. He grew up attending a reasonably rough school named Cannon Street and he wasn’t a very good student both academically or behaviourally. His favourite subject was sport and instantly began to love cricket and played for Burslem cricket club as well as representing the county Staffordshire.
After school he became an apprentice refrigeration engineer at the age of 15.
His apprenticeship led him to become a AC service engineer for a air conditioning company up in till 1969. The year in which he had his first daughter.
He commenced his first business which carried on from his line of work of air conditioning servicing and installing AC units and he built this up to eventually sell and he did in 1978. It was bought by Condor International and he sat on the group board of this £250 million company and he stated he wouldn’t change that experience he gained for anything.
He left Condor in 1980 and started a new AC company which grew exponentially working with Next, Chelsea Girl, H Samuelson and many more and sold that in 1989.
During this time in 1982 after setting up a new company he was alerted to an energy saving product built in Florida, he flew there furthermore he decided he liked it that much he bought that company too.
That developed into building a new company manufacturing heat pumps for swimming pools, which grew and later sold in 1993.
During his time in the USA he always wanted to learn how to fly, he did his Air Transport Pilot level and Instrument training instructor flying and gained over 6500 hrs in high performance aircraft flying all over the USA with his base in Florida.
My Grandad always says that his time In the states was probably the best time of his life flying to Key West, and the Bahamas as well as a number of times to the Cayman Islands over Cuba.
The sun got old and he moved back to the UK in 1993 to start a new company here and bought an aeroplane for use in the UK again a high performance Mooney.
During this time in the 90’s & the 00’s he worked exceptionally hard and built that company up, he had extreme fun working with his best mate Colin. On his arrival back to the U.K. he met his third wife settled down and married in the Cayman Islands on a pirate ship.
He had his first grandchild in 1996 and has gone on to have six more ranging from 8 to 23, who he loves massively.
After selling the new company in 2003 he again commenced another in 2006 which is still going to this day Multi Temp.
It has been excellent over the years with customers such as Next, TK Maxx, New Look and many others.
My Grandad stated during this chat I had with him that the worst period of his life is now with facing COVID 19 with a total collapse of cash flow and money.
Given all that he has been through he has never faced such an unprecedented problem but he knows he isn’t alone and not the only one either in the UK, or in the world to be facing these issues.
What he does know is we will get through it, with blood sweat and tears, but come through it we will, and it’s how we all react to, and observe the advice being given on a daily basis that will determine how quickly, and how safe we will be.
I will always look up massively to my Grandad as he has taught me to have the determination and drive I have in myself today. He has always never given up and he has to been driven by his loving family in all his achievements. 

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